Best sports jerseys to wear casually and how to style them

Best sports jerseys to wear casually and how to style them

Sports jerseys help create a sense of unity and identity among a team’s players. Teams keep updating them and roll out unique designs each time. In recent years, there has also been a heightened focus on jersey aesthetics, which has brought them out of stadiums and onto the streets. Sports jerseys have transitioned to casual wear and make a staple for many wardrobes, but choosing the right ones and styling them might require some effort.

Types of sports jerseys that can be worn casually
Sports jerseys can be worn on several occasions. One can choose a type based on their preferences.

Classic retro jerseys
Although sports clubs change their jerseys frequently, certain pieces are always in style. In fact, these classic retro jerseys, with their timeless color schemes and striking graphics, may even be more memorable than the most recent ones. Individuals can get vintage designs and old-school logos of their favorite teams and pair them with jeans, shorts, or even skirts when the mood strikes.

Fashion-forward jerseys
Some might want to step away from classics and flaunt a more trendy look. Such individuals can opt for contemporary styles that feature unique cuts, asymmetrical designs, or unconventional color combinations. These sports jerseys can help the wearer make a fashion statement while expressing their love for the sport.

Athleisure jerseys
Some jerseys blur the lines between sports and leisurewear. Such pieces are perfect for those wanting both comfort and mobility. They can be especially worn by people with active lifestyles.

Minimalist jerseys
People who want a simple jersey that helps them stay connected to their favorite sport can choose from this category. Minimalist jerseys just have a logo or embroidery on the top corner or the number of their favorite team player. They also have plain colors or clean lines that match the color scheme of the sports team. When paired with trousers or denim, one can achieve a minimalist but incredibly sophisticated and polished look with their jerseys.

Customized jerseys
Not everyone wants to wear what the world’s wearing. Some may want to take their love for the sport a step ahead and design their own jersey. It may sport the wearer’s name on the back or even a number or a phrase uttered by their favorite player. These are great ways to express one’s love for both fashion and sports. With customization, the sky’s the limit.

Crossover jerseys
Several other kinds of jerseys have taken center stage in recent years. Crossover jerseys blend elements from different sports or teams and offer a fresh look for sports enthusiasts. One can combine elements from basketball, soccer, or baseball jerseys and create hybrid designs that perfectly describe their versatile love for sports.

Casual outfit ideas with jerseys
Styling a jersey is as important as choosing the right type to make a fashion statement.

Basketball tank top with track pants
Track pants are incredibly comfortable. Combining them with a breezy basketball tank top creates a winning combo of both style and comfort. With the freedom of movement at the arms, one can easily style them with a denim jacket for those cooler evenings. When it comes to footwear, a pair of classic sneakers or even slide sandals can go perfectly well with this laid-back ensemble.

Basketball jersey layered over a hoodie
Those who want to rock a basketball jersey know the struggle with the armholes, which may get a bit low at times for complete comfort. A simple solution is to layer it with a hoodie. Now, the hoodie can be anything from a basic zip-up to an oversized pullover with bold graphics. It depends entirely on one’s style. Just be sure to gauge the temperature since a hoodie can really amp up the warmth factor.

Soccer jersey with track pants
Soccer jerseys with half-sleeved arms usually have a form-fitted silhouette. But there are also styles with long sleeves or oversized fits that can look equally trendy and stylish. One can pair a soccer jersey with track pants of different sizes. A soccer jersey can give a sporty, relaxed, or polished vibe depending on one’s personal style and the occasion.

Basketball jersey dress with tights or shorts
This killer outfit idea can amp up one’s casual look. A jersey dress is a long, relaxed-fit t-shirt with the same design elements as a basketball jersey, such as sleeveless arms and a scoop or V-neckline. When paired with tights or shorts, this outfit can form a sporty chic look and also help one achieve the laid-back vibe.

Sports jersey with short skirt and cap
Those wanting to sport a flirty look can opt for a stylish jersey—full or half-sleeved—with a short skirt. One can also use a patterned blouse beneath the jersey and go for contrast colors to add more zest to the outfit. No matter what outfit one gets, a sports look is rarely complete without a cap.

The price range of a sports jersey varies according to different factors, like material type and quality, brand, and add-on features. Usually, one can get a basic jersey between $15 and $50 without customization. Those wanting a higher quality material may have to shell out up to $100 or more, depending on their customization preference.