9 types of resorts to avoid

9 types of resorts to avoid

Resorts are among the most popular accommodations for individuals, couples, and families on vacation. With their lush gardens, swimming pools, and overall laidback vibe, resorts are the perfect destinations for relaxation. However, not all resorts offer the best facilities and services, making some of them not worth the money. Say, a lack of cleanliness, improper security for guests, or poor service can make the stay unpleasant. So, here are some resorts one should avoid:

1. Resorts with poor housekeeping services
Many budget-friendly resorts may compromise on cleanliness. Often, their staff may have not undergone proper training to keep rooms clean and sanitized at all times. So, one must not settle for unclean accommodation when they plan their vacation. While making holiday plans and booking accommodation online, one must check customer reviews to see if anyone has complained about unclean rooms, lobbies, pools, or hallways. Upon finding multiple complaints of poor housekeeping services, one should reconsider their decision to book a stay at the resort in question.

2. Poorly rated resorts
Online ratings and reviews play an important role in the service and hospitality sectors. One can simply look up the name of a resort, and they will find everything there is to know about it through online ratings given by former guests. Along with guest ratings, one can read through good and bad stay experiences in reviews and understand what to expect during their stay. So, resort ratings can act as a meaningful reference point for those looking to book a stay. Resorts with poor ratings and reviews must be avoided, especially if a large number of guests have given the resort a negative review. Here, the chances of an unpleasant stay are higher.

3. Resorts with bad security
Vacationers often take their families, including children, to resorts to get access to a variety of amenities in one place. So, resorts, like any premium establishment, should have good security measures in place to keep the guests safe. A combination of key security equipment and personnel should provide round-the-clock supervision of the premises. More importantly, resorts need to assure their guests that they can enjoy their stay without having to constantly worry about their safety and well-being. Once again, online reviews and ratings offer insights into the security and safety measures a resort offers. One can also look up news reports involving the resort to look for glaring security lapses in the past.

4. Resorts with limited food options
Dining options may not be a key factor to consider for all guests. However, resorts should offer multiple cuisines and food options to their guests. This is because one usually books a resort stay to enjoy a variety of amenities in one place, which includes food. As one tends to stay for multiple days and even weeks at resorts, it is common to expect options instead of having to choose from the same foods and beverages every day. So, one should consider opting for highly rated resorts that offer excellent food options.

5. Resorts in noisy areas
People usually visit resorts and beaches to get away from the crowds, dense tourist spots, and noise of the city. This is why the best resorts are located in relatively quiet zones that make for the perfect secluded vacation spots. So, resorts located in beautiful yet tranquil spots can be better picks for those looking to relax for as long as they stay there. Unsurprisingly, resorts that are located close to highways or other urban areas may not offer the same quite.

6. Resorts with limited entertainment options
Resorts are known for helping guests unwind by providing entertainment options catering to all age groups. Access to exciting activities, sports zones, spas, and pools is often part of the stay. For instance, one may consider the resort they are booking as a vacation destination rather than just an accommodation. So, they would look forward to good food, live music or other music events, and water-based activities on a beach resort. This is why, while booking a resort, if finding multiple options to spend time is a priority, one should skip resorts that do not offer any. Many such activities may not be available in resorts due to their location, size, or budget constraints. So, one should confirm with the staff if the resort offers entertainment options before booking a stay.

7. Resorts with overpriced services
Exorbitant prices do not automatically translate into quality services or a good time at resorts. However, some of the popular options can be expensive. So, one must set a budget and stick to it when they are booking resorts for their holidays. Nevertheless, if one notices drastic price differences between two top-rated resorts, then they should consider all factors before choosing the right option. Paying high charges for basic amenities may not be a wise move.

8. Resorts in inaccessible zones
Certain resorts are located in some of the most exotic locations across the country. Despite the visual appeal they offer, such resorts are not easy to reach. Many resorts require customers to take plane or boat journeys just to get there. Further, resorts that require one to drive over mountains filled with hairpin turns and unsafe driving conditions can be avoided if one does not wish to risk it. Ideally, one should not be spending the bulk of their holiday time traveling to and from resorts, especially if they have other activities planned at the destination.

9. Resorts without multiple pools
Resorts usually have swimming pools, and many would enjoy the idea of having access to multiple pools. So, the ideal resorts here would be those that offer multiple pools catering to kids, adults, and older adults.

Additionally, one should avoid choosing resorts that do not offer breakfast, adequately ventilated rooms, and courteous staff.