9 things to consider before buying a ram truck

9 things to consider before buying a ram truck

When heavy loads must be carried across long distances, there’s no vehicle better than a pickup truck for this task. With a tremendous load-bearing capacity, plush interiors, and an elegant look, RAM trucks are the ideal choices to carry such heavyweight goods on off-terrain roads. However, buying a RAM truck is a major investment for companies, and since there are various models and trims available, one should consider certain key aspects.

1. Understand the required load-bearing capacity
RAM trucks are available in various sizes and trims, each with a different load-bearing capacity. If one buys a RAM truck with a load-bearing capacity that is lower than one requires, it may get overloaded, which can eventually cause problems with momentum and the tires. In contrast, if one invests in a RAM truck with a higher load-bearing capacity than what’s required, one might spend much more than necessary. So, it’s best to estimate the required load-bearing capacity beforehand so that one’s requirements are met and there is no financial crunch.

2. Determine luxury requirements
The best RAM trucks available today perfectly integrate esthetics with functionality. However, not everyone buying a RAM truck may require cutting-edge technology or premium luxury features. In such cases, one can save a considerable amount by opting for an older model or trim that has a good load-bearing capacity but may not have all the luxury features. On the other hand, some buyers may want their RAM trucks to have the latest tech and luxury features or require certain features for comfort and body posture. In such cases, it’s a good idea to go for a trim that includes all aspects, such as heated front and rear seats, integration with Apple CarPlay, and rugged esthetics. For example, the RAM Limited trim has all such premium amenities, whereas the older RAM 1500 Tradesman® ensures comfort for buyers and passengers. However, they may not have all the luxury features.

3. Set a budget range
Since RAM has an incredible variety of trims and models, it can be tempting to get carried away with the features of premium ones and exceed one’s budget limit. This can eventually lead to budget constraints for individuals and companies buying the truck. To avoid this issue, one should set a definite budget range and limit vis-à-vis one’s requirements, current income inflow, other financial requirements, etc., and ensure a buffer to this estimate so that even if one crosses this set limit, there is no financial crunch.

4. Check fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiency is essential when buying a RAM truck because the higher the fuel efficiency, the longer the vehicle can sustain itself before a fuel refill. Most RAM trucks have good fuel efficiency; nevertheless, it’s best to check the fuel efficiency of specific models and trims before buying one. For example, the RAM 1500 has a fuel economy of 15 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. One should always remember to check fuel efficiency in the city and on the highway.

5. Check trim size
One should buy a RAM vehicle of the right size, depending on the approximate number of passengers and the average cargo volume. Cramming up the RAM truck can eventually cause damage to the vehicle, whereas an oversized truck’s total capacity would never be utilized, making it a white elephant. One should understand the total interior and cargo spaces required for a RAM truck.

6. Understand any additional fees involved
The base price of RAM trucks is never the final price. Local dealers typically charge additional fees, including sales tax and documentation fees. If one isn’t prepared for such additional costs, there is a possibility of a financial crunch later. So, one should consider all such overhead charges beforehand, communicate with the dealer clearly, and estimate the vehicle’s overall price.

7. Check the warranty options
The warranty period is an essential aspect of buying a vehicle because it provides financial relief to the buyer for a certain duration after buying it. Dodge usually has several warranty options, including a five-year or 600-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, with a longer coverage period for certain parts. One should understand all the warranty options available before buying a RAM truck.

8. Decide whether to buy a new or used RAM truck
An important decision when buying any vehicle is whether to buy a new or used one. Many local dealers are selling used RAM trucks that are in good condition. Buying a used RAM truck ensures cost-effectiveness, but one should be careful to check the VIN and inspect the vehicle thoroughly before buying it. It is also important to check the past ownership records of the vehicle to understand whether it has been involved in any accidents or used for fraudulent activities. When buying a first-hand vehicle, one doesn’t have to worry about such aspects; a test drive typically suffices.

9. Verify the local dealer’s credibility
Buying a RAM truck from a local dealer should ensure that the dealer is genuine and trustworthy. Speaking with the dealer at length about the vehicle and generally about their business can help one understand how transparent they are. Checking online reviews and seeking feedback from others is also a good idea.