9 easy hairstyle ideas for women over 55

9 easy hairstyle ideas for women over 55

It was trendy for women over 55 to have short hair. After all, it was considered convenient to style and easy to maintain. However, many have now discovered that there are several hairstyles of different lengths that are easy to manage and look equally great. While bobs and pixie cuts are still in vogue as they beautifully frame a mature face, here are some other hairstyle ideas for women over 55:

1. Long hair with soft fringes
Fringes or bangs are great for enhancing one’s face and hiding certain features that one might not want to bring attention to. That said, one might think that maintaining and styling bangs daily could be a hassle. But there is an easy way to embrace bangs. For those who don’t want to be entirely committed to bangs, a hairstyle that involves longer bangs parted at the center can work quite well. Sweep the fringes to either side and let them grow out. Over time, the bangs will seamlessly blend into the haircut.

2. Classic lob
This one is also known as a long bob and is quite simple and easy to wear, with a no-nonsense maintenance routine. To style it, smooth out the front section and allow the back section to air dry naturally. The front works great when a quick, polished look is needed. Alternatively, use a round brush to fully blow-dry the hair for a glam look. An easy way to do this is to separate the hair into three or four sections. Then, blow-dry each section with a round brush. This will barely take five to 10 minutes.

3. Fluffy layers
Fluffy layers can look great with or without bangs, depending on personal preference. Either way, this hairstyle looks effortless and needs low maintenance. However, weaves or wigs are a great way to style up the hair without commitment for those still on the fence about cutting their hair into layers. For the most natural look, get wigs made of human hair. These fall and swing the same way as natural hair does. Besides, wigs are convenient and versatile since one can have multiple options in hand depending on the desired length and color of the hair.

4. ’70s-inspired shag
The ’70s made the classic shag a pretty popular hairstyle. While the classic hairstyle may look outdated, one can easily put a modern spin on it. From convenient middle parts and choppy cuts to face-framing layers, plenty of options can be used to style this look. It is perfect for those with medium to thick strands since the hairstyle creates a lot of movement while incorporating all the volume.

5. High-messy ponytail
On days when one wants to be adventurous and keep things simple, a high-messy ponytail can be a good hairstyle. From cocktail parties to wedding guest looks, a ponytail can look good with outfits like evening gowns. Make sure to have a lot of face-framing pieces by keeping the front sections of the hair out of the ponytail. These can accentuate and lift the cheekbones. To add more volume to the ponytail, use a volumizing and moisturizing mousse. Another option to add volume is to use a weave or wig that matches well with one’s hair and tie a ponytail.

6. Two-tier medium layered
If one wants an elegant hairstyle, the two-tier medium-layered hairstyle is the way to go. It incorporates soft layers that can instantly add some extra dimension and volume. Thus, for those with thin hair, this hairstyle is perfect. Besides, it requires little maintenance since the hair length is shorter. Besides, styling is quite effortless. Blow dry it before stepping out, and watch the volume shine through the layers.

7. Easy updo
An updo is one of the best options for looking put together for an event in a jiffy. The updos do not have to be incredibly intricate or time-consuming. A simple and casual updo can do the trick to elevate any outfit. Besides, these are quite versatile since one can style them with any hair length. Also, this updo can be pretty comfortable if one has thinner hair since no tight styling is needed. Just pin all the hair back with some face-framing strands pulled out. Curl the face-framing strands to have a more stylish look.

8. Tousled waves
Long, tousled waves are low-maintenance. The best way to achieve this look is by adding some layers to the long tousled cut, which can enhance the volume and movement of the hair. Moreover, it can add some more dimension to balance the entire look. Adding layers to a long cut adds volume and movement and creates more dimension to balance the look. While the tousled waves may look edgy, the hairstyle is comfortable enough to wear out daily. It simply needs blow drying with a round brush and a curling iron of one-quarter inch. For hair that needs some help holding, spraying a texture or light-hold hairspray can be helpful.

9. Medium cut with highlights
Highlights can give an instant boost to a hairstyle. Add in some side bangs for a more stylish look. One may choose to style the bangs every day or let them grow out to blend into the haircut over time. Because highlighted hair tends to dry out quickly, using a hydrating hair mask on a weekly basis can be helpful.