8 reasons for renting a coworking office space

8 reasons for renting a coworking office space

Coworking has become quite popular as an alternative to working from home offices and coffee shops. There are a lot of reasons for its popularity. To begin with, coworking spaces are known to offer a positive work environment. Apart from this, those who work in these spaces can easily share resources, facilities, tools, and services. For organizations looking to increase productivity, coworking spaces offer several opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.

What is coworking?
Coworking arrangements are similar to people setting up their laptops to work in coffee shops or libraries. But, the setting is more like a traditional office. So, a coworking space has different layouts, membership options, and setups. Usually, such spaces have bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workstations along with shared amenities such as kitchenettes, internet access, and printing services. Several organizations today are using these spaces to lower office space costs.

Who uses coworking spaces?
These spaces can be used by organizations as well as independent workers. From freelancers to entrepreneurs, be it large teams or startups, anyone can use coworking office spaces. Such spaces can be used by someone who typically works from home or needs their own workplace to rent. At times, even non-profit groups make use of coworking spaces, especially when they receive subsidized membership rates.

Reasons for renting coworking office space

Build a professional image
For businesses as well as those working independently, working in a coworking space makes it easier to build a professional image. This is especially applicable for those who have several meetings with clients or have customers visiting the office regularly. In such situations, a shared office space instead of a remote crew is what is needed to have a good professional impression.

Have a sense of community
Sometimes, a person may find it isolating to work from home for longer periods. For others, it might not be convenient to work from home continuously when they have to periodically brainstorm and connect with their team. With a shared office space, one can work independently among a community or with their team. Besides, the space offers a good opportunity to meet and network with others.

Get some flexibility
Many businesses find coworking spaces to be incredibly flexible. This is because such spaces are usually located across different locations, have longer working hours, and offer several benefits that other typical offices do not offer. In addition, coworking spaces have a range of options in terms of rooms of different sizes for all kinds of collaborations and meetings. For instance, if one is a freelancer and needs to have important conversations with multiple clients to pitch ideas to them, a room in a coworking space is the right solution. It will not only give privacy but also offer access to tools such as whiteboards, touchscreens, high-speed internet, and so on.

Low costs for startups
For small businesses and startups, funds are usually quite tight in the initial days. In these scenarios, as the company is trying to save money, coworking spaces are good options to consider. This is because most coworking spaces have month-to-month leases. Besides, there are generally no upfront payments to be made or any early cancellation costs.

Access to business services
Usually, shared office spaces have several business services and amenities to make the work environment comfortable and productive. This is in contrast to renting a traditional office space from a commercial landlord. In this situation, one has to install fixtures and set up workstations, coffee machines, and other amenities to make the space conducive to productive working. But, with a coworking space, one will be paying for these services that are included in the workspace. For example, some coworking space providers offer customized live-call answering services. This means an individual or a company will have someone answering their calls professionally. So, the company is able to build a good image and reputation with clients and customers.

Access to tech
Companies, as well as those working independently, are dependent on technology for productivity. They require secure wireless access, high-speed internet, conference equipment, copiers, printers, and other tech to work efficiently. All of these are offered by coworking spaces, which have a specialized team of tech experts handling and managing the technology. They also help with troubleshooting issues and managing tech vendors. Besides, several coworking spaces also offer access to You’ll enterprise-level technology that are especially developed to ensure seamless business operations.

Assured security and safety
For businesses, security is often a critical concern across several levels. From ensuring safety of the infrastructure, physical assets and internet security, everything needs to be accounted for. Shared office spaces take care of these by offering solutions for the management of security threats.

Have well-defined boundaries
For those working from home for prolonged periods, it is common to encounter and boundary issues. Besides, it gets quite difficult to distinguish between personal space and professional space, especially for those working from smaller homes and residences. Working in a coworking space solves this problem instantly. So when one is at work, they can pay attention to working efficiently. Meanwhile, when one gets back home, they can focus on unwinding and rejuvenating. In fact, it has been proven that those who use coworking spaces are much more productive, creative, and collaborative. In addition, there are higher levels of job satisfaction compared to those who work in regular offices.