8 garden renovation mistakes to avoid

8 garden renovation mistakes to avoid

The garden is the perfect place for individuals to spend time sipping on their favorite drink or hosting a barbeque for their friends and family. However, one might eventually want to renovate the entire area from scratch. While there’s a lot of excitement in taking up this project, people could make various mistakes that may ruin the garden space. Here are eight garden renovation errors that one could easily avoid.

Not setting a budget
Many people dive into a renovation project without even considering the costs. And before they know it, they have already shot past what they can afford. Therefore, setting a budget before starting the renovation project is crucial. One must determine how much they are willing to invest in the garden. The estimated budget should include every expense, including the cost of removing wild plants and adding fresh ones that are good for the space. One should also keep an additional fund aside to accommodate any unforeseen or emergency costs that arise during the project.

Not drawing out a plan
Apart from setting a budget, one should also ensure they begin garden renovations after creating a plan. This plan should include what they wish to add to the garden and the overall cost. Redoing a landscape is a lot of work, so getting it wrong will result in a much higher bill to redesign the space. Preparing a plan could help avoid several obstacles when redesigning the garden space and smoothen the process.

Failing to secure approvals
Most renovation projects may require certain approvals from the local governing bodies. These bodies set rules to ensure an individual does not cause inconvenience to others during the project. For instance, one may hit a gas line, electric wire, or water pipe while digging up earth in their backyard. Failure to secure approvals could end up costing one a lot of money in fines and land the individual in legal trouble. One should ask the local authorities about the relevant documentation and guidelines they must follow throughout the renovation process.

Ignoring accessories
One should not overlook accessorizing the garden if they have the budget. Individuals could add ornaments, like garden gnomes, to beautify the space and increase its value. Garden ornaments are readily accessible in stores both online and offline. One could also install a window in their home that overlooks their garden. In case of a rainy day, the individual can always enjoy the view from the window while sipping on a hot cup of joe from inside their home. Further, a fence with a tiny door or gate may be a worthwhile investment to protect the area. One should also consider the lighting they install in their backyard. While various areas, such as the paths to the kitchen and stairs, should be lit for safety, one must not flood light onto the entire space. The homeowner should use the planting beds or trees as focal points. These could help provide ambient light to guide one through the landscape and boost the ambiance.

Buying non-durable patio furniture
The type of patio furniture one picks could influence the budget in the long haul. Individuals should pick sturdy options, even though they may be more expensive. The homeowner should also look for weather-resistant features since the furniture might be outdoors throughout the year. Plastic might be the most viable option in this regard. One should sit on the furniture before purchasing to check the comfort level. One must also check if the legs of the patio furniture are compatible with the decking and inspect the fabric to assess if it is UV-resistant.

Forgetting storage space
While one might get every detail of the garden right, they might goof up where the storage space is concerned. Backyard storage is usually helpful for putting away gardening tools, pool toys, barbeque pits, and other items one may require only occasionally. Individuals could go for built-in benches with liftable seats—perfect for storing cushions, toys, and extra towels. Building a small shed could also help store such items.

Clashing colors
Colors are another aspect of garden renovations that one could get wrong. While choosing multiple colors is okay, the shades might look overwhelming and washed out when they clash with the plants and nearby structures. For instance, a bright yellow house with bright yellow flowers might not be the most appealing sight to see from afar. Instead, the homeowner should pick flowers that stand out against their backdrop. Yellow, orange, or white flowers would look lovely in front of dark houses, while purple, red, and blue flowers would blend well with houses of a lighter color.

Trying to go DIY
Some parts of the garden project can be done DIY. However, the problem arises when the homeowner tries to take on the job without help. If an individual isn’t well-versed in how to deal with a garden renovation project, they must hire a trained professional. The expert will be better equipped to handle the plumbing, wiring, and pipelines that might run below the garden. For a garden renovation project, one should typically hire a landscape architect. Such professionals are well-versed in garden renovation projects and also possess the necessary certifications to carry out the job.