6 common mistakes to avoid when buying a timeshare

6 common mistakes to avoid when buying a timeshare

Today, timeshare purchases are increasingly common. It is a booming industry that makes millions of dollars in sales. People interested in timeshare purchases enjoy the idea of having a permanent vacation spot with the freedom of flexibility. They can book the place based on their schedule and rent it out for the rest of the year. However, people make certain mistakes when purchasing a timeshare that can cost them substantially. Here are some such mistakes to avoid:

Not researching enough
A common mistake people make when purchasing a timeshare is that they do not research well. Considering how big a decision it is, individuals need to ensure that they research thoroughly. Extensive research will give them enough data to help make informed decisions. Failing to do so can mean the individual ends up with a not-so-good deal in a timeshare they don’t even look forward to vacationing at. Using resources like timeshare calculators is a great way to ensure the research is concrete. Always check for legitimate reviews and feedback from people who already own a timeshare or have invested in the same resort. A cursory search is not enough to unlock the necessary details. Speak to people in person or even consult with professionals if necessary. Consider the trouble and difficulties one would face in case one wants to resell the timeshare as the necessary motivator for doing the proper research before purchasing the property.

Making impulse purchases
Most people make an impulse purchase at some point in life. It might not always be something big like a property, but impulse purchase is a concept people are well aware of. When on vacation, people can easily get caught up in the moment and invest in a timeshare. However, it is not advisable to make such an important decision impulsively when on vacation. It is crucial to carefully consider the purchase of a timeshare by reading the documents thoroughly and researching the company and the property. Individuals can also use online timeshare fee calculators to help with research. Don’t be swayed by the seller or the resort offering a discount for an instant purchase. Always be wary of such deals and put in some time and thought before making a decision.

Not budgeting properly
It is important to be careful when considering buying a timeshare property, even if it seems like a great value. While it may be tempting to think that an estimated value is affordable, it is important to consider whether it is within one’s means. Timeshare is a substantial purchase, and one should decide after carefully considering affordability. However, many make the mistake of not sticking to the set budget. Just because at the moment a person thinks they will be able to manage the extra expense does not always make it true. At times, individuals might not be considering the legal costs and processes of the purchase or the possibility that they might want to redecorate the place based on their tastes. Therefore, instead of having a single figure in mind, one must pick a range and ensure that the finalized price falls within the said range.

Not narrowing down options
Just because an individual loves a particular spot does not make it a perfect vacation place. There is a difference between investing for profit and investing for self. And most timeshare investments are a culmination of the two. This is another reason why research proves to be helpful. Individuals need to check for the timeshare locations that are actually popular and perform well in terms of bookings. Put together a list of preferable timeshare properties and consider which ones are better in terms of locations, expenses, travel convenience, accessibility, and other important factors. These factors will help the individual calculate their vacation affordability for years to come and give them a rough estimate of the maintenance costs.

Not considering additional costs
Investing in any real estate purchase comes with the caveat of maintaining it. When individuals invest in a timeshare, they are also responsible for the maintenance of the property. Sure, they are not obligated to carry out the task or individually supervise it. However, they will need to pay someone for it. The maintenance costs will be inversely related to the weeks of the property being sold out. The higher the number of weeks the property is not booked, the higher the maintenance costs will be. When deciding to purchase a timeshare property, individuals must consider maintenance and other additional costs. Neglecting maintenance tasks can lead to a decline in the value of the property.

Not keeping an open mind
Another mistake people tend to make when investing in timeshare properties is not keeping an open mind. When making an impulse purchase, people skip over the possibility that the opportunity can be a scam. To avoid getting scammed, individuals should look into the background of the company selling the timeshare, the individual they are in touch with, and the resort or location on which the timeshare is located. Verifying their authenticity before making a purchase can save the individual from many potential problems and hassle.